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Spine Decompression Unit


MID 4M Series is for Spinal stenosis, Lumnar herniated inter vertebral disc, Cyphosis, Scoliosis, Herniated nucleus pulpous disc, Herniated lumbar disc, Facet joint syndrome, Myo fascial pain syndrome.

MID 4M Series Strength Traction pattern 4 motor realize method Targeting user display Limited slip driving Robotic jog system, Treatment delivery system, Simple quick wrap air belting system, Safety treatment system.

It is said that spinal disease is attributed to muscle that supports spine. These muscles are stronger than any other muscles in human body so it is not easy to relax them once they are tensed or hardened because of modification Disc presses nerves or blood vessels as they are slipped between the bones of spine due to the force of abnormally modified muscles. Representative disease caused by this phenomenon is spinal (lumber, cervical disk) How to treat these muscles which are rooted cause of spinal disease is the problem. Extending (Stretching) muscles is a very important method. The texture of muscles supporting spine is vertical and this method poses
maximum 50g of physical force directly onto the muscles in a vertical direction. Tensed muscles can regain elastic force and spilled disk can be restored by this way. You might think that I have used a device that stretches back but it didn’t work very well. The biggest difference is spine muscles are stronger than any other muscles in human body so you need to check if physical force is directly posed onto muscle tissues of spine. In other words, it is completely up to you what kind of treatment you would like to receive but we hope to make a wise choice to protect your health.

Model No. MID 4M